3 Questions To Ask Before Working With A Recruiter

Unsure of how a recruiter can add value to your job search? We break down a few key questions to help you navigate the process of working with a talent consultant and land your next career move.
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June 12 2 years ago

Let’s face it – the job search has changed. Whether you’re new to the workforce or have been building your career for a while, it’s no secret that the key in today’s digital space is to embrace the constant change that comes with living in an increasingly interconnected world. Employers today have traded in newspaper ads for LinkedIn job slots and job seekers have more resources now than ever before to land their dream roles. With that said, only about 2% of job seekers are invited to interview based on their online application. Don’t get us wrong – we’re all for being able to research a company, scope out existing employees and apply all in one place, but what happens when the application process starts to feel less personal?


It's time to consider a new method to adapt in today’s digital world. Using a recruiter to aid in your job search could mean implementing a strategy that combines the resources you have at your fingertips with a targeted approach to make the process simple and effective. Just like with dating, using a recruiter could be the difference between swiping at random and hoping for the best, versus having a trained professional do the matchmaking for you based on mutual interests between you and another party. After all, wouldn’t you agree that the more informed the decision, the better the odds of success?


No matter your situation, a good recruiter will ensure that you’re equipped with the guidance you need to make a clear decision about your next career move. Here’s an easy checklist of questions to ask yourself to know whether the recruitment professional you’re considering would be a good investment of your time.


“What am I looking for?”

With such a small percentage of online job applicants becoming successful through to the interview process, it’s easy to feel like the time you invest in curating each resume to a specific role or filling out a company’s particular application is too daunting to tackle. In this stage, it’s crucial to find someone who can answer your questions objectively and offer insight into whether or not the role at hand suits your needs. Find a recruiter whose approach prioritizes authentic and transparent human interaction. Do you feel like your questions are being answered? Does the person on the other line have a good understanding of the things you need in your next workplace? Make sure that your career confidant is taking the time to answer your burning questions so you can feel confident about committing to the application process.


“How will I know if I’m qualified for this role?”

Did you know that hiring companies often walk search firms through the exact expectations of the role they’re looking to fill? Take the guess work out of trying to figure out where your qualifications rank and be honest about your experience and growth aspirations. Make sure that the recruiter you choose to work with can act as an informed resource to tell you what the company is really looking for – and how to leverage your particular professional experience to make you a front runner in the selection process!


“Will this benefit me?”

If you’ve ever been through the interview process and wondered at any point in time, “What’s next?”, then a recruiter can very likely help you. A good recruiter is experienced in bringing two parties together and evaluating the potential fit based on both client and candidate needs. From the beginning of your journey, you should feel like the person helping you with your search is making it their mission to provide you with a personalized coach and career advisor to guide you, regardless of the outcome. The art of successful recruitment is about collaboration, so honest and open communications are crucial.


At the end of the day, working with a recruiter should solidify three things: your professional growth trajectory, your candidacy for a particular role and the partnership that you feel working in tandem with a consultant. At PHM Search, we believe that the key to achieving your next career milestone is the clarity that working with technically and emotionally intelligent consultants provides. If you're open to exploring new technical opportunities on a confidential basis, take a look at our Candidate Services page to find out if our services will work for you.



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