Site Superintendent

Vancouver, BC 2019/11/28

Construction / Buildings & Structures / Site Superintendent

Job Title:

Site Superintendent

Job Summary:

Our client has been a leader in providing construction and design build services in the restaurant and hospitality sector for over two decades. They are currently seeking Site Superintendent to join their team in Vancouver, British Columbia! Depending on the project’s size, scope, and challenges, this individual may be responsible to assist with managing, supervising, and coordinating site work including but not limited to the construction of foundations, structure, shell, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, interior rough-in, finishes, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Job Duties:

Site Organization
• Ensure that the site is cleaned on a daily basis
• Ensure that all the latest drawings and documents are up to date and accounted for on site by working closely with the Site Foreman, if applicable to the project, Project Manager, and Project Coordinator
Health and Safety
• Ensure that the safety board has all the proper documents and supplies stocked
• Ensure that all safety issues, notices to comply, infractions or incidents are immediately addressed and documented per M.O.L. and company health and safety policy
• General supervision of the site to enforce all M.O.L. and company health and safety policies
• Calling and confirming with subcontractors and suppliers that will be on site, prior to day of and doing the same day of it they are late, immediately reporting delays/ absences to the Site Supervisor
• Coordinating and scheduling shut down times, and filling out request forms with the base building/landlord
• Coordinating with the landlord/other tenants access to other spaces required for project work
• Assist in create a detailed project schedule, outlining impacts of delays, seeing opportunities to make-up for lost time
Controlling Project Quality and Costs
• Enforcing the highest level of construction quality and workmanship
• Clearly and fully understanding the entire project budget, and where profit opportunities maybe secured
• Ensuring that extra cost impact changes do not occur without formal procedure and process approval
• Accurately quantifying material/labour estimates for contemplated changes to scope or as required for pre-approved self-performed scopes
Controlling Site Management
• Fully utilizing the ProCore project management software, as well as make full use of other construction management tools
• Attend (and chair) weekly subcontractor meetings.
• Ensure all inspections occur as per the schedule so as not to impact the progress of subsequent work
• Manage the site layout, utilization, storage, staging and phasing plans
• Ensure that all inspections are approved
• Ensuring that on-site as-built drawings are up dated by this Site Supervisor on a daily basis, as well as enforcement that subcontractors are doing the same
• Ensure all final inspections and sign-offs take place
• Confirm closing of all Permits and issuances of certificates and licenses
• Manage the subcontractor close-out, transfer of utilities, the deficiency list and owner training and hand-off
Comprehension of a Project:
• Provides clear and accurate direction for efficient and proper construction sequence of site work
• Suggests efficient means and methods to execute certain scopes of work
General Requirements
• Maintains professional conduct and correspondences with all parties
• Maintains clear, documented and verbal communication with all parties
• Ability to competently supervise the site during after-hours and weekend shifts as required
• Work with the Project Manager to identify and resolve issues and revisions in a timely manner, to help facilitate the most cost effective and schedule neutral solution
• Establish good working relationships with Clients, Consultants, Trades, Municipal Officials and Team members
• Request advice and assistance from the Project Manager on matters pertaining to materials, phasing, drawing coordination, schedule, costs, personnel, etc.


• 10-15+ years of similar experience
• Demonstrates an understanding of all scopes of work from a construction science perspective
• Demonstrates ability to independently trouble-shoot issues and find cost effective but good construction practice solutions
• Demonstrates understanding and execution of construction procedure to efficiently work with the team, as well as Consultants, subcontractors, landlords, Clients and other parties
• Demonstrates knowledge in building codes, by-laws, health requirements, etc


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