About Us

We are engineering, construction, and technology recruiters

Our Story

We established PHM Search as a technical recruitment firm in 2001.  Located in London, Ontario, Canada (two hours west of Toronto), we were born out of a vision to provide quality and results-focused recruitment services for candidates and clients within the Engineering and Technical market place.

Today we have evolved into a specialized, but capable full-service and remote only search firm with domain expertise across multiple verticals.

Our “Making Technical Recruitment Simple” philosophy resonates with our company in every facet of how we serve, communicate, and work with our candidates and clients.  By treating our relationships as long term business partners, we are able to focus on mutually beneficial results, rather than acute rewards.

We invite you to share your story with us, be it for career or job change, or recruiting difficult talent so that we can grow together to make the next seventeen years (or more) at PHM as memorable as the last!


Our Values

PHM is defined by the values that we stand, work, and aspire to live by.  These transcend all aspects of our company, from hiring our amazing tribe members to innovating processes and technologies, and delivering superior service and results to our clients and candidates.

We are committed to these values by adhering and championing these ideals as they clearly underpin our journey both in and out of our work lives at PHM.

  1. Positivity – consistently displaying a positive demeanor and tone regardless of circumstances, adversity, and situational problems and challenges we may encounter.
  2. Humility – to admit and own when we are wrong and to learn from our mistakes when they happen. Striving for perfection without thinking we’re perfect.
  3. Gratitude - showing appreciation, recognition, and thanks to each other and our customers for enhancing our lives.
  4. Trust – having absolute faith in each other and ourselves devoid of expectations yet chock-full of encouragement and optimism.
  5. Team (Tribe) – unbridled acceptance that our happiness and dreams can only be achieved through unwavering team unity, support, empathy, and mutual respect for each other. When down we lift each other up, when up we don’t put each other down.
  6. Growth – continually striving to stretch our skills, abilities, and successes translating to measurable progression and subsequent expansion of individual, team, and organizational milestones.
  7. Communication – through consistent, constructive, and open lines of dialogue we will strive to better understand each other and our customers’ challenges and problems.
  8. Commitment – dedicated to going above and beyond for each other and our candidate and client partners, through hard work, cooperation, and collaboration.
  9. Knowledge – continually acquiring the necessary technical and intangible skills and expertise to be better recruiters, sourcers, and corporate citizens each and every day.
  10. Results - collective and individual goal setting to exceed our own and client expectations.

Our Why

The purpose of PHM is making technical recruitment simple for candidates and clients to respectively change jobs or recruit technical talent.  We deliver this through superior knowledge, quality, and service all the while earning your trust to deliver exceptional results.

Our Culture

Every company talks about how important culture is, but at PHM, we are continuously living, breathing, and defining this identity in a dynamic and inclusive way. We don’t think that one size fits all. We embrace many different qualities, perspectives, and personalities. What we all share in common is the desire and vision to be the planet’s best tribe of recruiters, bar none.

When you become one of us, you will be challenged beyond what you thought possible, but championed to succeed and supported by a team that wants you to rise to and above the occasion. With such achievements you can naturally expect to be rewarded, but rather than rest on your laurels we elevate the bar that much more so that you are always reaching to blast through your next ceiling.

Since PHM wants to groom the world’s most highly trained, knowledgeable, and capable recruiters, your mission, should you accept it is to immerse yourself in our tribe with unwavering faith and commitment (we think this is more reasonable than asking you for your firstborn... unless they turn out to be our next superstar recruiter.)

Our Tribe

Mike Pak

Talent | Principal Consultant

I’d like to think that I’m more than the payer of bills and collector of receivables, in order that the lights stay on.  You’d have to ask my amazing tribe of smart, dedicated, passionate and driven team members, whether they think I do more than that.  Personally I believe that after eighteen years of being the self-proclaimed Patriarch of PHM, I deserve to play whatever I want on Sonos, whether it dates me or not!  In all seriousness, although I provide the strategic direction for PHM, I’m still (and always) will be a recruiter at heart and I’m grateful to have surrounded myself with incredibly engaged team members, candidates and clients that continue to inspire and give me my work purpose to serve them in any way I can.

Get to know me:

I'm passionate about animals, owning a rescue greyhound (the fastest couch potato I've ever known) and a cat (who puts up with her).  When not recruiting and helping whoever needs or wants it at the firm, you can likely find me spending summers by the pool, travelling abroad, hanging with friends and family and binge-watching Netflix.  I'm married to my incredibly beautiful, witty, endearing and compassionate wife who thankfully tolerates when lines get blurred between work and life.  To her I extend infinite thank yous (and apologies when suited).  

Coby Brittin

Talent | Team Leader

Though I may like my cars fast and my movies nerdy, I take pride in taking the time to get to know our clients and candidates on a deeper level.  As our recruitment team leader I'm focused on fostering our commitment to a simple and easy-to-use recruitment process. I oversee every part of the recruitment cycle, from; the initial conversation with our clients, to speaking to the best candidates out there, to walking everyone through the interview process and finally fitting the right candidate into the perfect role. We understand how daunting and complicated it can be to find the perfect candidate or make the right career move.  At PHM our goal is to make finding the right candidate or new opportunity as painless as possible by gaining a clear understanding of your needs, and then finding the right fit for you. Whether you are a company looking for that perfect engineer or a technical professional who is looking for a strategic career boost, please feel free to reach out to PHM, where we make technical recruitment simple.

Get to know me:

I am an avid Formula One fan, history buff, and all around nerd. If you're not looking to chat about a career move, I am happy to talk about the last F1 race, Star Wars movie, or video game. There's a good chance I have an opinion and (as my colleagues can tell you) I will be happy to share it

Jamie Spanton

Talent | Consultant

I'm excited to be a part of a team (we prefer tribe) and company that prides itself in simplifying the recruitment experience for not only our candidates and clients, but for newbies like me to learn the ropes of being a Talent | Consultant.  I am learning to assist my candidates through every step and facet of the recruitment process, but most importantly to help them realize whether making a change in their careers or moving jobs is really in their best interests.  Guided by a team that helps you be a better recruiter, consultant, coach and adviser each and every day. assures that I'm continually evolving as a search specialist so that I can deliver the best quality service and value for all of my candidate relationships that I earn.   I have always enjoyed helping people and hearing their life and career stories.  With my outgoing personality, I hope you will come to find that I sincerely want to make the best possible match by pairing top talent with superior clients so that the next chapter of your career unfolds with greater success and satisfaction.

Get to know me:

I admit (like many) I am a Netflix fan, typically you can find me watching a crime documentary.  When not glued to streaming media, I'm an adventurous foodie, which to me means trying out a new recipe.  I'm also a live music aficionado, always scouting out the next event to attend. 

Join Us

Talent Consultant

(aka "Recruiter" | "Relationship Guru" | "Career Broker")
Our recruiters are the marines or light infantry of our tribe. They are at the front lines of what we do as a search firm. Our commissioned Talent | Consultants are highly revered search experts engaging in all forms of recruitment operations with intensity, persistence, perseverance, and a desire to influence every interaction they have with our candidate audience. Consider the following and then ask yourself, do you feel lucky punk?
  • Embrace the mechanical activity necessary to initiate recruitment: Yes pick up the phone and make many, many dials
  • High geek quotient (intelligence) that translates into even smarter communication and social acumen
  • Coachability: how effectively can you listen, interpret, learn, and execute what we teach you?
  • Naturally curious and a desire to understand the buyer context (what is the customer thinking, what makes them tick, why, how?)
  • Backbone: the assertive ability to offer constructive input with qualified statements and effective questioning
  • Figure It Out Factor (FIOF): if you have to ask what this means, well it kind of defeats the purpose of this attribute
  • Work Ethic: come in early (stay late if you have to), giv’er every minute of your day, leave when the job is done (and then some), go beyond the call of duty to produce necessary results (the WIT factor)
  • Tribe/Team: you believe in respecting your tribe members how you want to be respected, to treat them how you want to be treated, and that you will get more done with the help and contributions of others than as an individual

Talent Sourcer Consultant

(aka "Talent Researcher" | "Data Miner" | "Lead Generator")
If our Talent | Consultants represent the front lines of our firm, then our Talent | Sourcing and Support Consultants are our mission-critical tribe members who have the backs of our "roughnecks" in order that they can perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.  Being a Talent Sourcer or Supporter at PHM means that you will bring a highly focused mindset in absorbing and deciphering critical data and information.   Think you have what it takes to sift, review, interpret, and manage multiple streams of information and translate that for our recruiters?
  • Speed reader who can digest and analyze vast amounts of technical information
  • Expert PC user (Windows platform), above-average knowledge of Linkedin, CRM/ATS databases, Boolean search strings
  • Data entry and keyboarding extraordinaire (>50 wpm, high detail orientation and accuracy)
  • Multi-tasker
  • Superior knowledge and data retention
  • Effective time and organizational management

Perks and Pluses

  • Proprietary recruitment marketing system to help you earn more commissions
  • Competitive commission structure to earn 30-50% commissions than as a solo recruiter
  • In-bound lead generation resources, never make a cold call again!
  • Backend office support including invoicing, collections and marketing support
  • Access to cloud based technologies, database and recruitment tools
  • Working with an established specialized recruitment firm to back you up
  • Remote recruitment to work where and when you want
  • Eligible group benefits (Life/Health/Dental/Prescription Drugs)
  • Subsidized home data & VOIP technology
  • Birthday acknowledgements and bonus
  • Work anniversary celebrations and bonus
  • Fun, open and collaborative virtual office culture
  • Career fast track with growing company
  • Unlimited training, coaching and support

Become One of Us

To become one of us we need an 8x11 glossy airbrushed head shot exemplifying your best features (just kidding, don't send a photo, that would be illegal), with a 50 word or less summary of why you want to endure the rigours and at times superior emotional turmoil of being a recruiter with our firm.


How about we give you the gift of self-discovery and you can decide to choose the best way to get noticed? (Yes this could be a test).


I didn't know recruiting could be this easy...as a Human Resources manager for a large engineering firm, we have worked with a lot of search agencies.  PHM is the first and only company that truly understands the types of people we recruit for and delivers us high quality and timely candidates for some of the most difficult positions we assign them.

Senior HR DirectorEngineering Firm