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Your job’s already hard, why make finding another even harder?  Let us do the job of finding your next technical career.

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We Make Job Change Easy

We Make Job Change Easy.

Changing jobs or careers is difficult enough, so why make it harder when recruiters can help make it easier?

At PHM we simply recruit technical people.

We’ve come to understand how to minimize the challenges of this process and we invest the time to get to know you, coach and guide you through every step.

We lay out options tailored to suit your needs and let you make an informed decision based on what’s best for you, your family and your future.

For a more engaging, positive and simpler recruitment experience, register as a candidate or contact us:

at: or call us at 1-877-562-4364.


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We Get Technical Jobs

Many candidates that hold technical jobs like you are curious if not a little skeptical about what recruiters really know about what you do.

We may not how to run an Autocad machine, construct a high-rise or develop an AI algorithm, but we spend considerable time to at least attempt to know what it is you do.

If we don’t know, we’ll ask you or research it so that we continue to acquire the knowledge to see it from your lens.

This is technical recruitment simplified, so when we connect you know we get you!

For more on the technical jobs we recruit for visit Find A Job.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of candidates do you work with?

    We help a broad range of technical and engineering professionals change jobs including, but not limited to the following industries we service:

    Consulting Engineering, Architectural, Construction, Industrial or Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, Oil, Gas and Mining, Power and Utilities and Facility Management and Real Estate Development.

  • How long does it take you to return my calls or messages?

    We typically get back to you within 24 hours.  We strive to return every call, message or application, but based on the priority of candidates and the urgency of communications, we apologize if at times this may not happen as quickly as we’d like.

    We’re always looking to improve our service levels.  To help us be better we encourage you to send us an email at with any suggestions or comments.

  • How do you make job change simple?

    Be careful what you ask for, but here's a detailed list of how we make it simple for our candidates to change jobs.

    • Technical recruitment is all we recruit for, knowing what you do helps us to match what our clients want.
    • Nearly two-decade track record of success working with some of the leading companies and employers in your industry.
    • Consultative approach to recruitment, we coach and provide guidance for change, not just sell you a job.
    • We want to get to know you first and then if we’re a good match, consider an opportunity second.
    • Earning trust to build a long-term relationship with you is more important than a short term commission.
    • Leveraging technology and innovation to help make the process of working with us as simple as possible.
    • We are honest, transparent and patient, if the timing is not right or you’re just not “feeling” it, that’s ok; we’d rather park things than to risk compromising our relationship.
    • We take care of everything from scheduling, to preparing you for interviews, to coaching you on offer negotiations, resignations, counter offers, onboarding, thank you letters, helping you cope with the emotion(s) of change and much more.
    • Job alerts, blogs, newsletters and social media presence allows you to stay current and be in the know about topics that affect your industry and your career.

  • Who are your clients?

    Our clients consist of small to large sized market leaders across all of the technical verticals or industries we specialize in.  They are composed of both established and emerging organizations spanning Canada and the United States.

    Historically our core client base has consisted of employers within Engineering, Design and Consulting.  But we have more recently expanded into Construction, Architecture and Facility Management and Realty Development and making inroads partnering with companies in Advanced Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and Mining, Power and Utilities and Technology.

    Our focus is to work with clients with whom we have a long-term relationship with.  They are firms that have recognized the value of our recruitment partnership and who keep coming back to us for their ongoing hiring needs.

    When building new relationships, we seek clients who can demonstrate clear competitive differentiators and that share similar core values as PHM so that candidates like you are assured that you are being matched with like-minded employers.

  • I don't want people to know I'm looking, how do you protect my privacy?

    We take your information and our relationship very seriously.  Not only are we bound and adhere to governing Privacy Laws in Canada, but we have assured potential data breaches with modern security measures and protection. Furthermore, we will not disclose, disseminate or transmit your information, identity or details of our private conversations that you have with us without your consent or knowledge. Your trust in us is at the very core of what makes our firm simple to work with and we’d like to give you peace of mind, that we will always have your best interests at heart.

  • How can Job Alerts and Newsletters help my career?

    Job Alerts and subscribing to our PHM Newsletter are the best ways to be aware and not miss out on opportunities that are either time sensitive or where information about such openings are exclusively shared with us by our clients. Job Alerts will notify you when we post a new job or opening or sometimes re-post a job that has resurfaced. Newsletters will help you with the latest career trends, job search advice, tips and market information to keep you abreast of what's relevant to you and to make it easier to change jobs when the timing is right.

  • What are hidden job opportunities?

    There's an adage that some of the best jobs are rarely advertised, this defines what we coin as "hidden opportunities". These are positions that have just been created, or have become open due to a recent change with a client  (due to restructuring, a resignation or termination).  This can also be a situation where a client maybe “thinking” about replacing an existing employee, but doesn’t yet realize there’s a better candidate (like you) available or better suited for it. With such opportunities, you would work with one of our consultants to uncover a job that has just opened or been created specifically for you because of your skills and experience that could be a great match for one of our clients. This allows you to have exclusive access to jobs that you nor the market even knows about and gives you leverage to have a job fit you rather than you fitting the job.

  • Do you offer contract or temporary jobs?

    Yes.  Some of the clients we work with do have roles that are contract or project based.  This is a facet of our business that we are looking to expand and see it as an emerging growth area for PHM.  When registering or applying with our firm, specify if you are also or open to contract or project based opportunities.

  • I've applied to a job posting, now what?

    Thanks for your submission!  Should your application or registration be a fit for a current or future assignment, one of our Talent Consultants will reach out to speak with you.  This typically takes 24-48 hours based on the priority of our requisitions (jobs).  If you don’t hear from us, this usually means that you are not the right fit or the timing of your skills and experiences are not aligned for any current role we’re presently tasked with.  You are free to give us a call or email us at: to inquire about the status of your application.

  • What other services or benefits are there to working with PHM as a candidate?

    • Career Coaching, Consultation and Skills (Free to Eligible Candidates)
    • Flexible Scheduling – Talent Consultants are available by appointment most weeknights or weekends
    • Resume Writing Tips and Guidelines – we can refer you to trusted resume writers
    • Interviewing Skills and Techniques – our interview guidelines, pre and post interview debriefs will maximize winning an offer
    • Offer Negotiations – we will give you tips or help you negotiate the best offer
    • Counter Offer and Resignation Protocols – why it’s never a good idea to accept a counter
    • Relocation Support and Services – we can help put you in touch with the right realtors, movers and local community support for new arrivals
    • Onboarding – guidance on how to best integrate and fit into a new job
    • Career Mapping and Strategy – where do you want to be?
    • Free Compensation Analysis – real time compensation evaluation
    • Ask a PHM Talent Consultant – if we don’t know the answer we will help find you one.

From the first call to accepting an offer...PHM made it easier than any other firm I've worked with to consider an opportunity with one of their clients that was a great fit.  I'm now in a company that values my contributions and feel more utilized than I have ever been in my career.  Thank you PHM, this was simpler than I thought it'd be.

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