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We get engineering and technical talent.  We recruit candidates others can’t, so that you get the best fit, not just what’s available.

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Recruiting The Impossible

We get it. You want to work with a recruitment firm that understands what you do, but most importantly, what you need from a quality search partner: honesty, accessibility, and sincerity. You also want your agency to recruit top shelf candidates quickly, and at a reasonable cost, in order to generate immediate and enduring ROI for your company.

At PHM Search | Simply Technical we understand that clients like you have high standards. This is why for nearly twenty years we have had one singular focus: simplifying technical recruitment. We want to make it easier for our clients by alleviating the challenge of recruitment so they can focus on running their companies.

Whether you need to back fill a vacancy left by that superstar employee, or are seeking someone to enhance your team, we can help make the process of recruiting engineering and technical people simpler.

With so many options to recruit talent, our clients still recognize the value of working with a dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy search partner that will focus on delivering them results.

At PHM we recognize that our clients’ recruitment needs are easy: find the right people… and quickly!

We deliver this through tailored solutions that fit each of our customer’s unique situations and hiring challenges.

Whether it’s contingency-based headhunting services yielding lower volume, but higher quality candidates, or project or outsourcing engagements to help with short term or flexible staffing directives, we take the time to listen and suggest a solution that may work best for you.

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We Get Technical Recruitment

As a simply technical recruitment firm, PHM Search has successfully completed searches within the engineering technical and specialized industries we service. Our domain expertise, focus and credibility has allowed us to attract, converse with and earn relationships with some of the brightest and sought after talent within their respective fields. We are driven by what you do, and how and why you are in business. This ultimately translates to what talent you want and how best to recruit them.

Technical or not we believe that recruitment will always be a people business first and foremost. We also believe that not one agency or firm can successfully recruit all industries. It takes time, patience and a direct purpose to amass knowledge about the industries that our clients and candidates work in. For nearly two decades PHM has taken great strides to acquire specific subject matter, expertise about the clients we service and the candidates you want to recruit.

Our investment in our candidate relationships means we provide our clients with insight about the talent we work with that goes far beyond just a resume or a profile.

Below are the industries we recruit for:

Engineering Consulting | Architecture | Facility Management | Real Estate Development | Oil and Gas | Mining | Industrial | Advanced Manufacturing | Power and Utility | Technology

To experience how we make it easier to get technical talent, call: 1-877-562-4364, email: or register as a client and one of our Talent Consultants will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

PHM works closely with us to recruit the qualified professionals we seek for our Engineering Consulting firm. We have found PHM to be responsive, knowledgeable, professional and able to find candidates who are often a "cut above" those that are offered by other recruiters.  They seem to understand the types of people we recruit better than most and deliver results with high quality and speed.  I'm glad to have such a trusting search partner.

Vice President EngineeringEngineering Consulting Firm