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Recruiting the impossible

With today’s changing climate, recruitment may perhaps have taken a back seat.  However, for some companies (perhaps your competition) this could be an opportunity to reorganize and captivate sought after candidates that are now more open to change.  Others have implemented flexible and remote working strategies to mitigate both current and future employment uncertainties.

Whatever your situation, PHM Search has encountered nearly two decades of change.  Our experience with adversity can help to uncover a recruitment solution tailored to your dynamic needs.

As an Engineering, Construction and Technology recruitment agency we have come to know that clients like you share the following common concerns working with recruiters:

  • Recruiters don’t know what you do or what you’re looking for
  • Agencies misrepresent or submit subpar candidates
  • They are too slow or don’t deliver at all
  • Some send the same candidates you already received
  • Delayed feedback, service or communications

With over a thousand successful placements to date and a greater than 90% client return rate, we’d like to think that working with our firm means reducing your recruitment stress, not escalating it.

As both a contingency and retained search firm specializing in your niches of Engineering, Construction & Technology, assures that we have the domain knowledge and hustle to fulfill any professional search requested.

Client Benefits

  • Client Discovery Call – an interactive assessment to build your recruitment blueprint and how we will execute it
  • Remote Recruitment - as a remote recruitment agency we can give you practical strategies you can immediately deploy
  • Industry – knowledge of your specific industry, sector and specializations
  • Time Savings – typical shortlist of ideal candidates within 1-2 weeks
  • Costs – delivering a quality candidate quickly, saves you money
  • Value – time and cost savings with a quality candidate will increase ROI
  • Service – feedback pledge to get back to you in minutes not days
  • System – proprietary Talent Engagement System (TES) deployed with every search and access to a database of over 100,000 vetted candidates
  • Advice – tips, strategies, and compensation updates to help you with ongoing recruitment topics

If you’re open to exploring our differentiators or curious about how we can make your recruitment simpler, please contact us.

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We Get Technical Recruitment

As a simply technical recruitment firm, PHM Search has successfully completed searches within the engineering technical and specialized industries we service. Our domain expertise, focus and credibility has allowed us to attract, converse with and earn relationships with some of the brightest and sought after talent within their respective fields. We are driven by what you do, and how and why you are in business. This ultimately translates to what talent you want and how best to recruit them.

Technical or not we believe that recruitment will always be a people business first and foremost. We also believe that not one agency or firm can successfully recruit all industries. It takes time, patience and a direct purpose to amass knowledge about the industries that our clients and candidates work in. For nearly two decades PHM has taken great strides to acquire specific subject matter, expertise about the clients we service and the candidates you want to recruit.

Our investment in our candidate relationships means we provide our clients with insight about the talent we work with that goes far beyond just a resume or a profile.

Below are the industries we recruit for:

Engineering Consulting | Construction |Technology Advanced Manufacturing | Real Estate Development | Facility Management | Oil and Gas | Mining and Metals | Industrial | Power and Utilities

To experience how we make it easier to get technical talent, call: 1-877-562-4364, email: or register as a client and one of our Talent Consultants will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What industries or sectors do you recruit for?

    Simply put, we recruit technical professionals. The industries we primarily specialize in are as follows:

    • Engineering Consulting or Design
    • Construction
    • Technology (IT, Cloud, Network, DevOps, Data Science, Analytics, AI/ML, BI)
    • Architecture
    • Facility Management or Operations
    • Real Estate Development
    • Advanced Manufacturing and Industrials
    • Oil, Gas and Mining
    • Energy, Power and Utilities
    Within each industry or vertical we are capable of recruiting for any role assigned by our clients, from Accountants and Architects to Designers and Engineers to even Zoologists!

  • What roles or positions do you recruit for?

    Since many technical jobs are complex and varied, we understand that clients are uncertain if not a little skeptical whether we really know what you’re recruiting for. In terms of organizational levels, we have successfully searched for roles from entry to C-level positions for both private and public organizations. We’ve been recruiting in the technical sector for nearly two decades and have earned relationships with over 100,000 real candidates within the verticals we specialize in. By getting to know and treat each client partner as a unique relationship we are able to best understand your specific tangible and intangible needs for each recruitment assignment we are tasked with. To see the various specialties or positions we recruit for visit our Find a Job page and browse our roles by industry.

  • How long does it take you to fill a position?

    On average our recruitment cycle from start to extending an offer to a candidate is 2-4 weeks. There are multiple factors that weigh into this timeline including, but not limited to: degree of search difficulty, location, size of talent pool or pipeline, client feedback and turn around, market demand and supply, compensation, start dates and scheduling issues.

  • How many requirements do your consultants work on at any one time?

    Our recruiters are assigned on average four (4) requisitions at a time.  This assures that we can adequately spend the time and resources necessary to deliver for our clients.

  • What are your fees and terms?

    Our fees and terms are relative to our client’s evaluation of a cost/benefit analysis.  In general within contingency recruitment there is a trade-off between: fees, quality, service, speed (time), commitment (loyalty) and long-term value. Since we are primarily a contingency and retained search firm, we believe that our time (therefore costs) to undertake any search must equate to a win-win scenario for all parties involved. We advise clients seeking lower fees to consider some of our discount competitors. Our low assignment to recruiter ratio maximizes time and quality for our valued clients.  They know that when we take a search we will actually work on it and be driven to fill it.

  • What is your recruitment process?

    We adopt a simplified 6 Step Process as follows:

    Step 1:  Client and Job Intake session with assigned Client Manager or Team Leader

    Step 2:  Deploy our Talent Engagement System (TEM) to source, scour, research and build a qualified pipeline of ideal Candidates or “targets”

    Step 3:  Pique interest, screen, qualify, align fit and affinity and recruit candidate(s) for presentation

    Step 4:  Guide Candidate(s) and Client through pre and post interviews to mitigate fit and decide on next steps

    Step 5:  Conduct references, negotiate offers, diffuse counter offers and acquire acceptance

    Step 6:  Pre and post onboarding of candidate and ongoing candidate and client follow-ups to address early performance or conduct issues

  • Why work with you?

    We make recruiting “look” simple.  But anyone who knows anything about recruitment knows it’s never easy.  At PHM we aim to take the stress, hassle and difficulty typically associated with recruitment for our clients. Our goal is to make an impossible recruitment mission a successful journey for all parties involved. Being a specialized search firm that marries the dedication of a retained agency with a contingency pay for performance strategy, we assure that we earn your fees and allow you to gauge the quality, value and our service ahead of this commitment. We won’t ever take a search assignment that we don’t feel confident and capable of effectively working on and successfully filling.  Your time is our time and money. See Our Values and Our Why an overview of our guiding principles.

  • What other services do you offer?

    Although Direct Hire or Permanent Contingency recruitment is at the core of services, we can tailor our offerings to the individual needs of our clients and can consist of any of the following:

    • Retained or Exclusive
    • Contract or Temporary Recruitment
    • Recruitment as a Service (RAAS): On demand, virtual (in-house), hourly, project based, Talent sourcing and mapping, screening and profiles
    • Compensation Analysis
    • Competitor Intelligence
    • Recruitment Consultation/Training/Implementation
    • Succession Planning

PHM works closely with us to recruit the qualified professionals we seek for our Engineering Consulting firm. We have found PHM to be responsive, knowledgeable, professional and able to find candidates who are often a "cut above" those that are offered by other recruiters.  They seem to understand the types of people we recruit better than most and deliver results with high quality and speed.  I'm glad to have such a trusting search partner.

Vice President EngineeringEngineering Consulting Firm