3 Signs That It Is Time to Move On

Mike Pak | PHM Search | Engineering Recruiters | We Get Engineers
September 27 4 years ago

“Failure is not fatal, but failing to change might be.” – John Wooden

The uneasy feeling that lingers well beyond a ‘bad day’ and keeps nudging you in your quiet moments may be more than adverse reaction to workplace frustration.  This could also be a sign that your precious time at a lackluster job is up, and it is high time to high tail it out of there and start your new adventure in greener pastures.  However, before you walk with a bass drum through the boss’ office, consider carefully why you are feeling unfulfilled and whether or not the issues that are the cause of the discontent are reparable.

Should you decide to take a peek at what else is out there, know that you are alone.  A survey done by  Accounting Principals and Ajilon found that 80 percent of people are passively or actively looking for work with ¼  (25.7%) actively seeking new job opportunities and over ½  (55.5%) passively open to new job opportunities. Another statistic has those looking, either actively or passively, at 85%.  While you consider your situation, understand there are some reasons for which you should not waver, and stay true to your gut feeling that things could (and will) be better elsewhere.

  1. Lack of Recognition

Do you wonder when you lost passion for your work, and slowly began to disengage?  According to Gallup, only 33 percent of employees are engaged at work and according to OC Tanner, 79 percent of employees who quit their jobs claim that a lack of appreciation was a major reason for leaving.  While salary and benefits are important, it should be noted that they are “the baseline for competitiveness in today’s world.”  Research shows that for every 10% rise in pay, employees are only 1.5% more likely to remain with their employer, which is interesting given that a 4% or 5% annual pay increase is "better than most" in today’s environment.  Moreover, a significant number of companies are now “emphasizing non-financial rewards such as career-development programs…which can be important ways to maximize earning potential in the long-run.”  Regardless, the majority (60%) of employees maintain they are more motivated by recognition than money.  If you do not feel that you are genuinely appreciated for the unique gifts and talents that you have to offer, then you are selling yourself short, and it is time to move on before disengagement becomes complacency and stagnation.

  1.  There is little opportunity for growth.

You should reasonably be able to expect growth every year in terms of responsibilities, projects, challenges and compensation. Your ‘job’ should be an avenue for you to propel your skills forward and dedicate yourself to a life of learning and progression.  It is possible to be very good at what you do, and completely dislike it.  If your job forces you to use skills that aren’t enjoyable for you, the learning curve has flattened or you are not feeling challenged, it may be time to move on.  You are meant for something more and it is time to head in a direction that will bring more satisfaction to your life.  A wise person once said, “Be growing, or get going.”

  1. The workplace is toxic.

Given that the majority of full time workers spend more time with their colleagues than their families, your place of work should foster a positive, collaborative spirit.  A boss or coworker that brings negative energy to the work environment is spoiling it for everyone. At minimum, a toxic workplace will drain your spirit and energy, and if left unchecked, could lead to chronic, physical or mental illness.  When surveyed 1/3 of employees said they would quit their job if their work relationships were unhealthy, indicating that relationships with colleagues and managers can make or break job satisfaction. If you feel depleted by the people you spend your precious daily time with, you may want to assess your value and seek more inspiring surroundings in which you can live up to your full potential.

Reluctance to start over, worries about money or just plain old fear are common reasons to stay in a less-than-desirable job. While these reasons are valid, they are not good enough for you to turn your back on living your best life.  You owe it to yourself to develop personally and professionally. Take charge of your life and make a proactive move while you are feeling inspired, as opposed to waiting and reacting desperately by taking the first thing that comes along.  At PHM Search | Simply Technical we believe taking a risk on yourself is worth the reward.  Contact us to have a conversation about the current market conditions within your industry and discover new opportunities that await should you take that next, exciting step towards a more fulfilling career.



Mike Pak | PHM Search | Engineering Recruiters | We Get Engineers