The Best Talent Must Still Be Recruited

As more companies look to recruit internally and build their own in-house or corporate recruitment teams, this poses a problem especially when there is not enough time, resources or strategy to recruit the most difficult and highly sought after technical talent for your hiring needs.
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August 15 2 years ago

As an internal (corporate) recruiter, finding and hiring top talent for your organization is more difficult than ever. With a dizzying number of tools like job boards and social media channels, you can find yourself buried in resumes and messages within just a few hours of your broadcast.  This may help to fill some of your recruitment needs, but many companies and in-house recruiters are experiencing a drain on time and resources in the all-too-familiar activity of “sorting and storing”, especially when it attracts unqualified applicants.  This results in lost time and inefficiencies to dedicate enough attention and focus to those hard to fill or mission critical positions that often stay open for weeks - if not months - on end!

This is highly evident when companies are searching for the most capable individuals to fill very specialized, engineering or technical requirements, due to ever growing shortages for such professionals.  This process can be at minimum tedious, or worse, resource draining, as you are forced to spread out your time and bandwidth to your other requisitions that you are tasked with.

It’s a lot of effort that can easily overwhelm your in-house or corporate recruitment team and your costs.  You will most probably miss opportunities to recruit those prized candidates because not enough time, knowledge or networking with these passive candidates is spent, who are the very people not actively looking to change jobs, but are also the talent that your employer wants (and needs) to successfully hire, yet your recruitment capacity is stretched beyond your means.  Get the conundrum?

Recruitment costs more than you think

What does this mean for your organization’s ability to grow and prosper when you need the best and brightest to achieve your goals?  It could mean that the real cost of relying solely on internal recruitment is a lot more than you think; especially when it comes to filling positions that require a specific or a highly demanded skillset.

So how much are you currently spending to recruit highly skilled employees?  Although this question may seem straightforward, job postings, database deficiencies, sourcing, outreach, screening, scheduling, interviews, offers and on boarding are probably eating up more of your resources than you realize.

If you consider your internal recruitment team's responsibilities where they have more job requirements than the time and resources necessary to fill them this can prolong vacancies, increase lost productivity and be a catalyst for friction and frustration within your organization.

The best candidates are not always looking to move - you have to recruit them

Using a “shotgun” approach to recruitment forces your team to simultaneously cover multiple channels in order to cast a wide enough net to catch that elusive candidate that meets your specific needs.

This is fine when the market has an ample supply of candidates with the skills you’re looking for.  But what about the more difficult, technical or higher-level positions where broadcasting emails, sending InMails, texts, leaving voicemails and other passive messaging strategies simply don’t get you noticed with these needles in the haystack?

Hard-to-fill positions require a personalized and relationship-driven strategy that nurtures trust-based connections (and sometimes many conversations) with highly sought-after candidates.  These individuals are already working (likely doing a good - if not great - job for their current employer), have an acute sense of loyalty for your competitors and will not be receptive to “cold” communications to recruit (or poach) them away to your firm.

Does your in-house team have the time, connections and the ideal approach to reach out to candidates who are not looking for a change, but may be open to it if the right opportunity and fit can be mutually defined?  Even with available resources and trusted relationships within your industry, candidates working for your competitors are less likely to be engaged directly by corporate recruiters since it’s readily apparent why they are reaching out to them.

Reaching these candidates often requires tact, previous interaction, domain knowledge, a consultative and trust-based approach to delicately negotiate a conversation premised on the “idea” of change and not necessarily an explicit communication of a job opportunity.

Finding these top quality candidates goes far beyond the “post and pray” method of using public or paid job boards, social media, leading edge recruitment tools or automated chat bots to find candidates. It requires a firm with the right combination of technical knowledge of your industry, experience in recruiting the category of people your company is seeking, a deep and growing network of contacts, a skills-based strategy and a sincere desire in nurturing people focused relationships to find that perfect and passive candidate.

If snagging the right recruit for your organization seems like a process that can be improved, your recruitment may be struggling without you even knowing it. Visit our Client Services page to  have a discussion about how we can future-proof your business to recruit the best talent for your company every time.



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