Top 3 Tips to Secure Great Talent Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mike Pak | PHM Search | Engineering Recruiters | We Get Engineers
May 22 4 years ago

With the world in its current state of uncertainty and the “new normal” yet to be fully realized, hiring practices among companies have been modified to adhere to these new and differing standards. While this state of flux may be the only element of hiring practice that is constant, there are strategies that businesses can employ to stay ahead of the recruitment curve and be prepared for the time when the economy turns around, and their need for quality talent increases.

Let’s begin by acknowledging the demonstratable impact that the Coronavirus has had on the hiring process, with some companies delaying their current hiring practice and others cancelling hiring altogether. While it seems the latter of these options may actually have a negative impact on business--and is something that is of great concern to employees--there are ways in which companies can continue to search for great talent without halting their hiring plans. It is prudent that businesses stay relevant and foremost in the minds of their next great hire by keeping prospects engaged and interested in future proposals that their company has to offer.

The Power of Video

Remote communication is one of the most prominent changes companies have made, especially in the interview process. Companies can conduct interviews and video screening as this offers a risk-free option to reach out to potential candidates. This form of contact can replace the in-person connection at several stages in the hiring process. Alternately, a company can consider undertaking this initial stage of the hiring process remotely and then wait to bring the actual hire into the office. Moreover, effective use of remote onboarding as the final stage of the recruitment process is key, as a solid onboarding process can improve retention rates by 82%.

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Webinars are another way to expedite the recruitment process and connect with candidates face to face. March 2020 saw a 330% annual increase in the number of digital events hosted on the popular ON24 Platform. The rise in webinar popularity is twofold: in-person meeting can take place in a safe environment, and recruiters are able develop their employer brand by sharing valuable knowledge with candidates about their organizational culture, allowing for interaction with team members. The majority (66%) of potential employees believe this is the best way to get an honest look at a company considering an offer of employment. Webinars also provide an excellent opportunity for companies to promote their brand.

It’s All About the Brand

Whether companies maintain their current hiring pace or slow them down, it is imperative that they remain fresh and current in the minds of the potential job seekers. As a standard, 75% of job seekers consider a company’s employer brand before they consider applying for a job.

Given the current nature of remote work, and the upswing in online traffic, one can assume that their company’s online presence is being given a more scrupulous look. By seamlessly integrating effective employer branding into candidate nurture campaigns, companies can keep their talent pipeline warm and top prospects engaged. At minimum, when the job market does return to “normal” candidates will know who you are and be more open to your opportunities.

Regardless of the route that companies choose to take, the key is transparency: open communication to potential candidates and current employees alike. Put simply, “even if companies feel that they do not have all of the answers, people generally appreciate having a heads up.” (Senior Economist and Data Scientist, Daniel Zhou)

Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

It seems so, if you consider that 84 percent of talent acquisition professionals are actively working to adapt their processes to work remotely. It would seem the same holds true for remote work popularity among nearly half of current full time workers. One study found that 43% of employees say they would prefer to continue working from home, even after the economy opens. From the employer’s standpoint, one of the many benefits of remote work is that it allows them to cast a wider net in their search for great talent as they are no longer restricted to a specific geographic location. This can only serve to improve the calibre of hiring options, and therefore significantly reducing the amount of cost-per-hire.

Whether or not a company chooses to maintain an in-office presence when the economy turns around and/or allow for flexible work options, they need to lay the groundwork for a sound work-from-home policy. Couple that with a revised employee benefits package that may no longer need extended vacation time, but rather the option for remote work as the number-one most sought-after perk among employees.

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Choosing to opt out of the search for your next great hire, amidst the current pandemic, is simply not an option. Now may actually be the best time to polish your online presence, and reach out to prospective future hires, remotely, without being bound by physical location. Employing these tips need not be a daunting task, and will ensure that your company can make the seamless transition into the collective new normal, fully realizing your future talent needs.




Mike Pak | PHM Search | Engineering Recruiters | We Get Engineers