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Construction Jobs

Jobs in Construction

Construction and contracting jobs represents a vibrant workforce of more than 1.5 Million workers across Canada (2011) and contributing over $75 Billion dollars to our country’s GDP which also accounts for over 6% of our output. This has grown at a rate double that of all other industries combined (44% vs 21%). It’s no surprise that this sector presents a multitude of different opportunities for job seekers across a variety of construction projects.

Construction jobs are more than just building homes

Some of you may think construction careers are limited to residential homes, high rises or multi story office and commercial entities. But the construction industry is one of the most diverse professions and encompasses both conventional and non-traditional buildings or structures. These include, but not limited to: industrial construction, natural resources construction (pipelines, mining, refineries and facilities), power and utilities construction (erecting power plants, windmills, solar farms, transmission and distribution lines), constructing roads, streets, bridges and municipal infrastructure, heavy civil, earthworks, tunnels, excavation and more…

Popular Jobs in Construction in Canada

  • Construction Manager
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Construction Site Supervisor
  • Construction Estimator
  • General Contractor

Some of the jobs that are available within Construction are, but not limited to:

  • Site Superintendent
  • Construction Health and Safety Specialist
  • Construction Engineer
  • Construction Inspector
  • General Superintendent
  • Construction Estimator
  • Construction Surveyor
  • Construction or Project Scheduler
  • Construction Planner
  • Carpenter
  • Construction Foremen/Forewomen
  • Construction Lead Hand
  • Bricklayer
  • Mason
  • Construction Crane Operator

Improved Job Satisfaction & Career Goals

PHM Search has been successfully working with construction supervisors, managers, estimators, project managers, contract administrators, site inspectors and surveyors for several years and is one of our fastest growing search disciplines. We have assisted construction professionals to understand and guide them in making beneficial and progressive job changes which really speak to their motivation for change. As this industry can be cyclical in nature with many of our candidates working on a project to basis, at PHM, our goal is to assure that we maintain ongoing and long term relationships so that we can uncover the right opportunities at the right time.

Job Change Can Be Simpler

From insightful knowledge about our clients beyond just a job description, to coaching you to prepare for that interview (perhaps your first in some time) to negotiating the best possible offer for you and your family we will work with you every step of the way to assure as smooth and as painless of a transition as possible.

Our process of simplifying career change means we will work with you and work around your schedule, to assure that leaving your current situation or job is easier than you expected.

For technical career information and finding a technical job in Canada, contact the team at PHM to get started.

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Construction Project Manager


London, ON 2019/01/17

Construction / Buildings & Structures / Construction , Concrete , High-Rise

Construction Site Superintendent


London, ON 2019/01/17

Construction / Buildings & Structures / Construction Management , Construction

Estimator Construction Low & Midrise Residential


London, ON 2019/01/17

Construction / Buildings & Structures / Residential , Estimator

Construction Site Superintendent Highrises


London, ON 2019/01/10

Construction / Buildings & Structures / High-Rise

Practice Leader - Construction Project Manager


Mississauga, ON | Vancouver, BC 2019/01/10

Construction / Buildings & Structures / Project Management , Construction

Senior Construction Project Manager


Vancouver, BC 2019/01/10

Construction / Civil Infrastructure / Municipal Infrastructure

Construction Project Manager


London, ON 2019/01/10

Construction / Buildings & Structures / Concrete

I didn't know recruiting could be this a Human Resources manager for a large engineering firm, we have worked with a lot of search agencies.  PHM is the first and only company that truly understands the types of people we recruit for and delivers us high quality and timely candidates for some of the most difficult positions we assign them.

Senior HR DirectorEngineering Firm