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Natural Resources Jobs

Jobs in Natural Resources

Canada is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of natural resources. It’s long been known that we are a resource economy dating back to our early days of trading furs, fish and timber. This vast industry also represents one of our country’s largest employers now consisting of jobs in oil, gas, mining, earth sciences, fisheries and forestry sectors. In 2015 this made up 17% of nominal GDP in 2015 accounting for 1.77 million jobs in Canada with $107 billion invested, representing over 40% of total non-residential capital investment in Canada. With nearly 20% or 1 in 5 jobs in natural resources, it is no wonder that this industry is a magnet for employment opportunities across Canada and North America. In particular there is a growing demand for skilled and technical professionals across various disciplines within the natural resources and include, but not limited to: civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, geologists, biologists, climatologists, geotechnical, aquatic and terrestrial specialists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, chemists and chemical engineers, construction engineers, construction supervisors and managers, production engineers, heavy duty mechanics, maintenance engineers, plant engineers and managers, facility engineers, health and safety specialists and more…

Natural resources jobs fuel our homes and our economy

Currently there are over 625 projects underway or expected to be launched across Canada within natural resources field. This could be exploration projects for oil, gas or new mines or reforestation of depleted or fire ravaged lands or development of new technologies to increase drilling or production at sites across the country. With how much is invested in natural resources, it remains a cauldron of job growth and security for technical professionals drawn to contributing to such an enriching and significant part of our economy.

With immense diversity, challenges and a country rich with bountiful resources as well as a heritage of exporting these products and services abroad; a career in this industry would provide not only great earning potential, but also ongoing rewards both personally and professionally.

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Natural Resources Jobs Titles

Some of the jobs that are available within Natural Resources, but not limited to:

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Pipeline Integrity Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Open Pit Mining
  • Wellhead Operators
  • Conservation Technicians
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist
  • Marine Biologist
  • Aquatics and Terrestrial Scientists
  • Petroleum Research Scientists
  • Closed Pit Mining
  • Forestry Technician

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