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Power & Utilities Jobs

Jobs in Power and Utilities

From natural resources to solar, wind or biomass fuels production and distribution to utility grids or pipelines, the Power and Utilities industry is continuing to generate innovative ways to keep our lights on and more.

In Canada Power and Utilities represents industries who produce, transmit and distribute as well as maintain power and water to both residential and commercial customers across the country. Many of us are familiar with power and utilities recognized by local or regional hydro companies that are private, public or crown corporations that create and deliver power or supply or treat water to all types of end users in a region. People who work in this sector vary from engineers and construction managers to electricians and facility operators.

Power and Utilities is Essential to a Strong Economy

Delivering low cost, safe and sustainable power and hydro solutions to Canadians continues to challenge the industry. With the move towards more carbon neutral means to make, store and distribute these resources to customers across a country as vast as Canada requires an ingenious and pragmatic approach to satisfy stakeholders. With aging systems, facilities and the impact on environmental considerations, it is vital that this industry is robust to enable other parts of the economy to thrive.

Popular Jobs in Power and Utilities in Canada

Power and Utilities Jobs Titles

Some of the jobs that are available within the Power and Utilities industry are:

  • Power Transmission Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer or Technologist
  • Arc Flash Analyst
  • Construction Manager
  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Field Technician
  • Energy Modeller
  • Gas & Energy Coordinator
  • Indoor Environmental Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Hydraulics Engineer
  • Plant Engineer
  • Compliance Analyst
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Aquatics or Terrestrial
  • Biologist
  • Conservation Energy Manager
  • Sustainability Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineering or Technologist/Technician
  • Civil Designer or Drafter
  • Pipeline Engineer or Designer
  • Wastewater Treatment Operator or Supervisor
  • Water Resources Engineer
  • Wastewater Engineer

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