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Realty Developers Jobs

Jobs in Realty Development

Real estate and land development jobs consist of occupations within property or land acquisition, development and management. These are jobs within companies or firms that specialize in asset management, development and construction of various building structures for example, residential (low and multi-story high rise), subdivisions, retail, commercial, office, mixed use, recreational, government and other institutional dwellings. They tend to cross over or share careers with construction, facility, property management as well as engineering.

Realty Developers Finance and Build Communities and Landmark Structures

Across the Canadian and global landscape, realty and land developers have been responsible for erecting and building structures from landmark office towers to subdivisions and all the infrastructure to connect both our personal and professional spaces. Without developers, either private or public, there would be little to no land use construction as this industry fuels the demand to supply liveable and workable habitats and the subsequent communities they foster.

Popular Jobs in Consulting Engineering in Canada

  • Land Development Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Land Use Planner
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Construction Site Supervisor

Some of the jobs that are available within realty development are, but not limited to:

  • Land Development Engineer or Technologist
  • Estimator
  • Scheduler
  • Subdivision Designer
  • Site Designer
  • CAD Designer
  • Civil 3D Designer
  • Construction Inspector
  • Contract Administrator
  • Transportation Engineer or Designer
  • Traffic Engineer or Analyst
  • Project Manager

Changing Jobs Can Increase Your Earning Potential

Realty and land development is a growing recruitment practice at PHM. We represent both local, regional and national developers seeking individuals who have a passion for creation and the resilience for the property development process.

We have successfully recruited engineers, planners, schedulers and construction professionals for some of Canada’s leading land development firms. We help candidates in this industry change jobs and as a result increase both their income and job satisfaction levels to boot. Timely career or job changes result in greater rewards, financially, professionally and personally over a life time.

Changing Careers Shouldn’t Be Hard

From insightful knowledge about our clients beyond just a job description, to coaching you to prepare for that interview (perhaps your first in some time) to negotiating the best possible offer for you and your family we will work with you every step of the way to assure as smooth and as painless of a transition as possible.

Our process of simplifying career change means we will work with you and work around your schedule, to assure that leaving your current situation or job is easier than you expected.

For technical career information and finding a technical job in Canada, contact the team at PHM to get started.

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Land Development Project Manager


London, ON 2019/01/17

Realty Developers / Civil Infrastructure / Project Management , Land Development

I didn't know recruiting could be this a Human Resources manager for a large engineering firm, we have worked with a lot of search agencies.  PHM is the first and only company that truly understands the types of people we recruit for and delivers us high quality and timely candidates for some of the most difficult positions we assign them.

Senior HR DirectorEngineering Firm