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Engineering Consulting Jobs

Jobs in Engineering Consulting

Engineering consulting or consulting engineering is one of Canada’s largest career pools, consisting of more than 100,000 professionals across the country (and greater than 1 Million across North America). These engineering professionals provide design, project management, research, assessments, studies and solutions for some of our lives’ greatest scientific and economic problems.

Engineering Consulting Contributes to a Strong Canadian Economy

With Canadian revenues in this industry contributing upwards of $30 Billion dollars to our GDP, it not only continues to be a vital segment of our economic portfolio, but also a significant employing industry, providing many exciting and challenging engineering jobs throughout the country with a wide range of engineering specializations.

Popular Jobs in Engineering Consulting in Canada

Engineering Consulting Jobs Titles

Some of the jobs that are available within Engineer Consulting are, but not limited to:

  • Civil Engineer or Technologist/Technician
  • Electrical Engineering or Technologist/Technician
  • Mechanical Engineering or Technologist/Technician
  • Civil Designer or Drafter
  • Electrical Designer or Drafter
  • Mechanical Designer or Drafter
  • Transportation Engineer or Technologist/Technician
  • Transportation Designer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer or Technologist/Technician
  • Municipal Engineer or Technologist/Technician
  • Municipal Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Water Resources Engineer
  • Wastewater Engineer

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Mechanical Designer/Technologist


Richmond, BC 2019/07/18

Engineering Consulting / Buildings & Structures / Mechanical Building Systems , Residential

Operations Manager - Remediation


Kingston, ON 2019/07/18

Engineering Consulting / Environmental / Environmental Due Diligence , Project Management , Remediation

Traffic & Transportation Engineer


Ottawa, ON 2019/07/18

Engineering Consulting / Civil Infrastructure / Traffic-Traffic Signals , Transportation

Project Manager - Municipal Engineer


Ottawa, ON 2019/07/18

Engineering Consulting / Civil Infrastructure / Municipal Infrastructure , Project Management

Intermediate Electrical Engineer


Calgary, AB 2019/07/18

Engineering Consulting / Buildings & Structures / Electrical Building Systems

Senior Structural Engineer - ICI


Brampton, ON | Whitby, ON 2019/07/18

Engineering Consulting / Buildings & Structures

Operations Manager, Building Science


Calgary, AB | Edmonton, AB 2019/07/18

Engineering Consulting / Buildings & Structures / Building Science

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Senior HR DirectorEngineering Firm